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Greater than Rubies

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

I sat with my daughter as we talked about a church assignment to discover her Divine Nature. As she looked up the scriptures to teach her about her identity to God, I remembered a book mark an old boyfriend made for me. It said, “Who can find a virtuous woman, for her price is far above rubies” (Prov 31:10). This teen boyfriend wasn’t a regular church attender, and he’d been impressed by my high moral standards. I’m sure I didn’t understand his appreciation of what I was, but I wanted my daughter to understand her high value.

I asked, “If I had a pile of rubies on one side, and you on the other, which one would be more valuable?” She knew rubies were special because I had given her a ring belonging to my mother (that HER boyfriend had given her ages ago), and emphasized the care she must take for that heirloom ring.

She thought for a moment, and concluded she would be more valuable (yeah!). I further explained, “In God’s eyes, seeing as we are only one spiritual generation away from Godhood, we are fabulously valuable to him.” She turned to me in awe and asked, “One generation?” Yes, indeed. I could feel the spirit of her understanding dawn of her intrinsic worth.

I continued to ponder upon the value of a soul. I’ve come to know I am enough. I am more than enough. In fact, I just am. (“Enough” signifies there ever weren’t enough, which there wasn’t.)

When a general authority says, “It takes great love to feel the needs of someone else more than your own,” he may mean not that you must let another’s needs be greater, but that loving yourself is putting the needs of others above yourself. Loving yourself is giving of yourself. Because you’ve always been the keeper of the gate that can freely give and take. As the “The Guard” of the keys of your power, you are already filled with God’s love, which is enough for everyone. And you have the choice to use your and God's power as you desire. (Quote from Henry B. Eyring, Nov 2018 Ensign p. 58.)

I thought upon my daughter beginning the tumultuous teen years, often a time when youth attempt to conform and try to fit in. I hope she can be herself as she is. Being yourself without apology shows self-love. Others who need you for your being you need yourself without apology. Those attracted to you are “kindred” spirits that give and take as well as receive. You can’t know how to give if you can’t receive. Giving has been in vain, despite all that effort.

Loving yourself equal to loving others is a cause greater than your own, which bring you love and an abundance of joy. So giving of yourself is loving yourself because you are then receiving joy. It doesn’t take much to keep on your side of the “love” line because you’ll already be approaching the level of God’s love. Like Christ, you don’t even need a place to lay your head, but you can freely give. You realize the blessing of giving because it fills you. When you have your own power and God’s power, there is no question you can give. Like the widow’s mite, she freely gave because she understood the receiving otherwise she would experience. She also teaches us that “By their fruits ye shall know them.” She was a fearless and faithful woman who gave her last money, knowing she would be supplied (otherwise, she would have remained in fear, grasping onto the last two mites.)

When you give more than you take, assuming you are putting God first and you know your own power, and you have faith you will receive joy that comes from the giving. Not that your ultimate goal is to be receiving, but that the natural effect of your giving will be joy, which is the final goal of this mortal life and the life to come.

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