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Chameleon Rooftops

I’d never heard of the chameleon rooftop until this week. And I ran into the same idea twice within two days.

It wasn’t actually called the “Chameleon Rooftop,” but you’ll see why I call it this as I explain.

I was reading the Newberry Honor Award book, “Sarah, plain and tall.” Briefly, it’s about a woman who is commissioned to come for a probationary time to a farmer she’s never met, to perhaps stay on his farm and be his wife. The farmer’s two children desperately want her as their mother, and secretly point out to one another her words and actions that indicate maybe she’s staying for good!

The problem? She loves her home in Maine on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. She would have to trade that life for a sea of grain fields instead.

At one point, she explains to the two children how the rooftop of her ocean cottage through time has become the same colors of the sand and vegetation of the area around it. It has morphed in a chameleon-like way to mirror those things around it. To blend in. To become one in a natural state with those things in its environment. How Sarah loves the soft wind and smells of the sea!

This does not bode well for the children, as there is only a watering pond for the cattle as the closest water. But not to worry—in the end, even though she leaves for an anxiety-producing evening, she does return, and she does become their mother; a sacrifice of what she loved for something maybe better.

So let’s connect this to the gospel. I believe God wants us to learn to blend into His way of being. To become one with Him. To become a natural extension of Him, mirroring His goodness and passing it along. To be a chameleon to what he would have us become. Which would involve knowing Him well enough to become privy to his mysteries. To extend ourselves beyond what we think we know about Him and His purposes, and discover His mysteries about how to truly become like Him.

And here’s a great scripture that tells us exactly how to know the mysteries of God! Alma 26:22 explains how to change our colors to be a natural representation and extension of him, through:

This is the formula for knowing the mysteries of God! It’s nothing new. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before—in fact, it’s quite simple. Repent (use Christ’s atonement), have faith (not fear), do good (sometimes sacrificing like Sarah, plain and tall,) and always having a prayer in your heart.

How do you know you’ve tapped into the mysteries of God? Here are a few ways I’ve noticed His mysteries revealed: You receive answers individually for your situation—not necessarily what is spoken to the first-level listeners of General Conference—yours is customized to you (and despite what everyone else tells you they believe you should be doing). Your personal revelation invites and entices you to do good, with no desire to do evil. You feel creative as an extension of God, an ever-creative being; you feel free to express yourself in a way that synergistically produces power. AND you follow through on what you feel creatively inspired to produce. And finally, you believe God will deliver. Especially when it feels he’s left you alone. These are the times he petitions you to determine whether you’re really on board with Him.

And you begin noticing synchronicity, coincidences, purpose, strength beyond your own, and increasing love in your life.

Becoming one with your surrounding—with God all around you.

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