Power of 12

Marriage Live Online Course

What is the Power of 12?
8.9161004e+12, says my calculator…
But really! Power of 12 is 12 couples, 12 weeks, 12 topics, and 12 changes of heart.


Details of Power of 12

We’ll meet for date night each Saturday from 7-9 pm MT in an online classroom where we’ll strengthen bonds with your spouse and each other. We’ll discuss ways to improve your marriage and have some fun!

And this is the best part: it’s only $99 per couple for the whole 3-month time together. That’s $8 per date night, and there’s no babysitter to pay for, no travel—which could easily cost $30 or more, and hopefully you have dessert lying around to top it off with. (Send me some through the internet;)


Topics for Power of 12
Topics for Power of 12 include:
I choose you
“To be a we, there must be a me”
Soft vs Hard Emotions
A-E-I-O-U Communication
Island or Wave Personality  
Attachment and Connecting Styles
The Real Enemy: Conflict and the Adversary
The Language of forgiveness
Syncing and Cleaving
In-to-me-see (intimacy)
Parenting God’s Way
Godly couple in Training


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