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Your Change of Heart

What is a change of heart?

A change of heart is deciding to do something differently-- better than before.


Real Goddess

Prologue Ch 1 Ch 2 GIT FINAL July 2020.Artist Name
00:00 / 15:02
Ch 3, MED I saw God, Ch 4, Ch 5 GIT new Artist Name
00:00 / 18:34
MED I saw God, Your perfect World GIT ne
Ch 6 Ch 7 Med Amorph Ch 8 MED Prayer GIArtist Name
00:00 / 22:44
MED Amorphia GIT July 2020
Med Prayer of my 2 sides, GIT AUD July 2
Ch 9 Ch 10 Ch 11 GIT Aug 2020Artist Name
00:00 / 20:51
MED Broken Vase GIT July 2020
Ch 12, vase, Ch 13, butterfly, Ch 14 be Artist Name
00:00 / 29:50
MED Butterfly 2, Alice spreading Wings J
MED Be still and know, with Yoked GIT Ju
Ch 15 Ch 16 Body Ima Ch 17 mind body spiArtist Name
00:00 / 34:14
MED Body Image of a Goddess in T GIT 202
MED Mind Spirit Body Connection GIT AUD
Ch 18, holy father, Ch 19, Ch 20 GIT AugArtist Name
00:00 / 18:33
MED Holy Father to Mother Earth Groundin
Ch 21 Beach, Ch 22, Ch 23, The Garden GIArtist Name
00:00 / 26:57
MED The Beach GIT July 2020
MED Garden of Love GIT Aug 2020
Ch 24 Live Life Ch 25 No Care Ch 26 GIT Artist Name
00:00 / 22:45
MED Live life so your dreams are Jealous
MED No Care in the world, sleep meditati

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly."

Richard Bach


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Your change of heart is about your…

  • Establishing a disposition to only do good.

  • Strengthening marriages and relationships.

  • Claiming a sense of true self-identity.

  • Forgiving others and its after-effects

  • Strengthening your body through good health practices.

  • Nourishing thoughts as a good habit.

  • Understanding the adversary in our minds.

  • Keeping principle-based goals and promises.

  • Organizing the space around you for peace.

  • Discovering the intrinsic why of everything you do.

  • Finding tools and techniques for trauma recovery.

  • Developing a heart of joy.

  • Releasing perfectionistic attitudes for peace and empowerment.

  • Learning to reach out for a healthy support system.

  • Loving children like that was your only responsibility to them.

  • Upleveling the heart by embracing brokenness.

  • Connecting with personality styles for synergy.

  • Expanding your spirit capacities through self-fullness and uplifting music.

  • Growing closer to God, recognizing a power and purpose greater than your own.

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